Volcano In Success Village

Ronnie Grant
Date Published: 

THE YOUTH of Success Village, Laventille are without a playing field for sometime now.

There has been no serious competition of any sort for almost five or six years in this area where the abundance of talent is the only reason why players of the district reach first class division and even national level in various sports.

Early in 1971, football was stopped in the "Mang" as is commonly called that nature-prepared piece of land which was made playable by players themselves who erected goalposts and ran football competitions over the years and served as an outlet for talents in various games.

Play was stopped by Government workers who dumped truck loads of dirt on the field. The dumping of dirt strengthened hopes that some ole ass promise, made by the Government for donkey years, to have the ground repaired.

Although the usual mamaguy was suspected, work was allowed to go on. Mounds of dirt were spread all over the playing field, dirt with the tell-tale old dented poseys, rusty pans and bottles, clear evidence of canal origin.

It was left for months before being flattened out to cover a larger playing field.

But up to this day, the ground is still unplayable. Grass has grown through the dirt that was spread, giving the appearance of a levelled, unused dumping ground.

Although the people of the village have grown accustomed to neglect and mamaguy, numerous attempts were made through the avenues available to have the ground completed but the excuse remains the same: "Top soil is needed and the Government does not know where to get it". Imagine that!


Last year, a seven-a-side football competition serves as a substitute for the entertainment of hundreds who flocked from far and wide to look at and play on a ground cleared of old, rusty, unused swings, merry-go-rounds and other facilities which are found in a playground of that type and which do not fit into a district like Success Village. But this ground is a long way from serving the thickly populated district.

Cricket has been reduced to wind-ball matches in the dusty streets. The many netballers, basketballers, athletes, and footballers travel as far as Port of Spin and Aranguez in San Juan to practice.

Success Village R.C. Shcool is an every day football centre; the game taking place on a netball court paved with asphalt.

This, however, helps to lessen the frustration caused by over-unemployment and also by the absence of proper sporting facilities.

Never happen: the residents of Success Village, Laventille have passed the stage of begging. They would no longer complain to the Government or remind them of their promises, but the inner grumblings of their dissatisfaction, like a dormant volcano can be heard through the length and breadth of the district.

The villagers know what they want and what they do not want. They are fed up with the type of Government which persists to ignore the pleas of poor people, they will plead no more.

They realize a hard fight is ahead in order to effect a much needed change.

The grumblings will increase one of these days to an explosion, which would be heard throughout the entire country and with the proper direction, serve as an example for other similarly affected people to follow.