Football In The Dumps

Ronnie Grant
Date Published: 

Who Cares About Success Village

SUCCESS VILLAGERS are waiting and watching their sports ground which has been under construction for what they consider a frustratingly unbearable length of time.

They would like to find out whether the task of laying the Success Village Sports Ground near the Community Centre on Angostura Street is in the right hands.

Something is definitely wrong somewhere. How long should a Government Works Dept., in a country that boasts a "Sports Year", take to grade and mark off a ground to the necessary specifications?

Two years have passed and no ground yet.


After holding all that strain, imagine during that time the only work done was the dumping of dirt excavated from some canal, spreading that dirt over the surface of the ground, and right now they're dumping more dirt.

So that a casual observer of the operations could mistakenly get the impression that Success Village, Laventille has to La Basse.

My estimate is that about 80% of the male youth of the district play football and take part in competitions at different levels throughout the country.

And with the official football season mere weeks away, footballers of the district—with more love of the game than their limbs—risk broken or sprained ankles to practise on a small bumpy section of the ground which is not yet covered with mounds of rubbish—sorry, dirt with rubbish in it.

One cannot really blame Success Village for its pessimism towards any sports ground. People there are taking careful note of the shitty end of the stick that the district is given to hold.

Maybe someday someone in authority would fell in the right mood and seriously order the completion of this project which ranks high in the list of much needed facilities in the area.

Meanwhile some of the youth continue to make positive plans. Daily they are getting together for a different approach towards solving their problems, and changing their image to demand prompt attention to the granting of badly needed facilities in the district.