A depleted Tunapuna tastes defeat

Ruthven Baptiste
Date Published: 

FIELDING one of its weakest teams since the inception of the Villiage Olympics, Tunapuna captured only fleeting moments the skill and subtle movements that characterised their play in previous matches.

Four of their leading players Nobbie Phillips, Calvin Lewis, Jimmy Springer and Steve Pierre were absent, while some of those who played had had a match earlier in the day when the Industrial League opened its 1973 season at the Lever Bros. ground.

Leg weary and depleted, it was no surprise that a fit and confident SFA team took the initiative from early in the match.

It was during that early stage under some duress, Tunapuna's left back Lenny Legendre flicked back to his goalkeeper who was not in position to collect the pass and SFA went one up.

Tunapuna's morale was further undermined when Leon Carpette, a contender for national honours, further enhancing his claims by a splendid display in this match, sent SFA further ahead.

SFA however made the mistake of going flat in the first half, there by giving Tunapuna an opening to retrieve their position in the second half.

Godfrey Harris, now a mature and cool campaigner, heralded things to come.

From the touch off, without an SFA player touching the ball, Harris collected from the right wing in SFA's goal area, evaded one defender and banged a powerful shot in to the roof of the net.

From then on Tunapuna looked something of themselves only to see their revived morale dissipate when SFA was awarded a penalty as Fitzroy Valentine fouled Carpette in the penalty box.

This penalty made the score 3-1.

Towards the end of the game "Poultry" substituting for Willie Bailey in the forward line did a "Pele".

He took an inaccurate shot; it struck a defender and deflected into the goal. The only difference with himself and Pele is that Pele can do that kind of thing deliberately.