Who Remembers Nobbie Phillips?

Ruthven Baptiste
Date Published: 

WHO REMEMBERS Norbert Phillips? Nobbie as he is called by his friends and admirers is a Tunapuna and Trinidad football player.

Former Trinidad and Tunapuna player is a more accurate description of his present state because an injury he sustained while playing for Trinidad is threatening to keep him out of football permanently.

The TFA, last year's Independence celebrations committee, (the organisers of the Santos/Trinidad match last year) and the government are really playing the arse with Nobbie's health and career.

Nobbie was not injured in some backyard fling or Sunday morning outing. He was injured while representing Trinidad against Santos in celebration of our tenth anniversary of Independence.


While making one of his characteristic solo runs along the right flank he was violently cut down by a Santos defender.

At the time it did not appear to be a serious injury, but up to now whenever he starts running his knee swells up. A doctor has said that he needed a $2,000 cartilage operation.

The matter was brought to the TFA and in customary style it is still pending after nearly a year. In this particular case, however, the government should foot the bill since it was a government appointed committee that organised the match.

The government undertook to repair the fences that were levelled prior to that same match. It must now do the same for Nobbie.

I suggest that, as usual, Nobbie's case must be caught up in the red tape between the TFA and the Independence Committee with a lot of argument about who should foot the bill.

Nevertheless the TFA must ultimately shoulder the blame in this affair. For donkey years now proposals have been coming from various quarters, especially players, calling upon the TFA to organise an injury insurance scheme.

They have not done this, and a player of Nobbie's ability has been condemned to the sidelines at the peak of his career, because to their colonised minds administrative convenience must be given preference to people.