Ruthven Baptiste
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Warren Archibald

The question is no longer, can we reach the world cup but can we win the world cup. Trinidad's convincing 4-nil cutass over Mexico, the dominating force in Central American Caribbean football for more than a generation, has answered that question beyond doubt.

After seeing Trinidad's dismal performance prior to the Haiti trip I was extremely pessimistic as to our chances. I am happy to be wrong.

The bugging question is, why are our performances so uninspiring at home and the reverse is true abroad?

Why were we the worst performing team in the CONCACAF series at home in 1971 and the best team in Haiti, by the Mexican coach's judgment.

Those are questions our organisers must answer after some serious reflection on their policies.

Everald "Gally" CummingsWorld Cup Heroes Warren Archibald & Everald Cummings

Just as important however, is that we ought to start preparing for the 1978 world cup. The immediate tasks are to keep our top talent at home, Archibald, Cummings and others, and to ensure that future stars don't migrate.

That is easier said than done, admittedly.

The solution in my view is to professionalise our top talent. To repeat what this column said after the football strike in 1971, is to say that all a professional league needs is a fenced ground. Stands, pavillions and all the other amenities can be added along the way.