International football matches suspended

Date Published: 
Jamaica Gleaner

Port-of-Spain, Trinidad, Oct 17, Cana

TRINIDAD AND TOBAGO'S Football Association has announced the suspension of officially sanctioned international matches here.

The decision comes amid another move by national players to withdraw their services until outstanding payments for previous international engagements are made.

A statement from the Association Tuesday evening said:

"Given the uncertainty which now surrounds the successful promotion of international matches for the national team, and being mindful of the responsibility owed to promoters, the public, sponsors and the teams which had taken a decision to withhold sanction of any international matches scheduled to be played by the National Senior team to 31st December, 1990.

"This will Include all matches scheduled against Canada, USA, Cameroon and Russia's World Cup Team."

National team Captain Clayton Morris told Cana the decision had shocked the players. He expressed their willingness to resolve the matter amicably with the Football Association.

The Association's statement also reaffirmed the body's pledge to pay players for matches against East Germany and Crystal Palace in May.