'Tass' blames Rous

Date Published: 
Jamaica Gleaner

MOSCOW, Jan. 3 (Reuters):

The Soviet agency Tass today attacked the British head of the International Football Federation (FIFA), Sir Stanley Rous, for events which have occurred during his 12-year tenure as president.

It also accused him of ignoring criticism in the past, and of starting recently to make promises in an effort to win re-election as president later this year.

TASS commentator Alexander Levinson wrote that the latest event to happen "under the FIFA aegis" was the unobjectivity on the part of the referee in the recent World Cup qualifying match between Yugoslavia and Greece.

The Yugoslavs won 4-2 to force a playoff in their section with Spain. Tass said that Sir Stanley, contrary to the rules, had stated that the match be played at a time which does not suit Yugoslavia, but which is very good for Spain.

The commentator also criticised the recent Caribbean qualifying tournament in Haiti, particularly a match where Haiti beat Trinidad 2-1 which four Trinidad goals were disallowed. In addition, Tass said FIFA made no reply to Morocco over a protest about a game in which it lost to Zaire, who thus qualified to represent Africa in this year's World Cup finals in West Germany.