Atoms-Toros Play 0-0 Soccer Tie

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Gettysburg Times


Philadelphia Atoms coach Al Miller was thinking offense but his Miami Toros opponents had a different game plan in mind.

The second-place Toros apparently opted for a defensive strategy and a 0-0 tie with the division-leading Atoms in their League match Tuesday night.

"I'm disappointed in Miami," Miller reflected afterwards. "They crowded us. They didn't
give us any space."

Although Toros assistant coach Jim Easton and his star Warren Archibald denied playing for the tie, Atoms Jim Fryatt contended that he had seen the ploy before.

"We do the same thing in England," Fryatt said. "We're not used to it in America yet. A lot of teams do it to get into the playoffs."

The Atoms retained their 10-point Eastern Division lead over the Toros—with two games left Miami has three more to play.


The Atoms actually put the ball into the Miami net in the 14th minute on a four-yard shot by Karl Minor, but the goal was disallowed because of an off-sides.

Miami attacked strongly during the final 12 minutes, and goalie Bob Rigby, guarding the net for the first time in seven games, had several close calls on Toro kicks. Rigby had been out with an injury.

Archibald, the league's leading scorer with 25 points, missed a 20-yard shot over the Philadelphia crossbar with 12 minutes to play; and with 5:30 to play he almost got clear.

Montoya had nine saves and Rigby six. The Philadelphians had 10 shots on goal and the Toros eight. The Atoms had 10 corner kicks to none for Miami.

The crowd of 17,449 at Veterans Stadium was the second largest turnout for an Atoms' game since their league opener May 5 against Dallas.