Spotlight On Sport

G. St. C. Scotter
Date Published: 
Jamaica Gleaner

Last Inter Colony Game Today.

It would be a decidedly amusing situation if Trinidad were to win all the Inter Colony games against Jamaica, and yet be unable to win a single Club game—nevertheless it looks extremely likely that this is what is going to happen.

They tied with the Foresters, and have been beaten by both Kingston and St. George's; they have won the two previous Colony games, and I think the odds are they may win this last one as well.

However, whether our visitors make a clean sweep or not, we must all agree that the Selectors have at last done justice to Jamaica's available material, and picked practically as stong a side as they can get.

There are one or two slight criticisms that might be made, but they are at the best only matters of opinion, and could not be regarded as mistakes on the Selectors' part.

After D. Peter's very good game on Wednesday, I would prefer to have seen him partnering Hadden rather than "Pinkie"—but it must be borne in mind that Peter's play in the first Jamaica match was anything but convincing—so however was "Pinkie's: in the second match for the matter of that!

The half line is as good as can be got, though I myself might have a slight preference for Cecil Marley over the youthful Scott. The forward line also is at last the best available, though here again, I should still like to see McKenzie at outside left—that however is decidedly a matter of opinion.

That Trinidad will put out their best side we need have no doubt, and that they will do their very utmost to show that they can beat the best Jamaica has got, need also not be doubted—quite regardless of the fact that the rubber is now concluded—so that I think we may truly promise ourselves that today's game will be the best of the three.

Some Suggested Teams.

I have been literally inundated with letters recommending various sides during the last couple of days, and reproduced here a couple of the most interesting:—

"Will you kindly use your influence in seeing if the Selectors would consider playing the team published below in the final game against Trinidad on Saturday.
"I feel confident in saying that the majority if not all the football fans of this community, will feel satisfied if this team is beaten then we will admit the superiority of the invaders, and at the same time have the satisfaction of knowing that the selectors have at last put together in the field a team fully representative of the football strength of this colony.
"Thanking you and trusting that this will catch the eye of the Selection Committee.
"Goal, Groves; Left Back, Hadden; Right Back, Peter; Left Half, Lopez or Espeut; Centre Half, Chevannes; Right Half, Parke; Outside Left, Kinkead; Inside Left, McKenzie; Centre Forward, DeLeon; Inside Right, Sasso; Outside Right, DaCosta."

Football Fan

"It gives me great pleasure in sending you an All-Jamaica team which in my opinion, would be a very strong side against the Trinidadians to-day. Reading from left to right, the team will be as follows: Goal, J. Groves; Backs, W. Passailaigue, W. T. Hadden; Halves, W. Lopez, 'Pinkie' Smith, L. Parke; Forwards, J. Briggs, A. Sasso, R. Sturdy, H. DaCosta, A. McKenzie.
"With respect to the forwards we read from right to left."

Still Another Team.

Could you possibly use your influence to have this letter inserted in to-morrow's issue of the Gleaner? You must have been inundated with several such letters, but I hope you will consider this one justifying its publication.

With regard to the selection of the final All Jamaica team, I do think that the selection committee might have done a little better. They have selected a very unpopular team which will not attract a very large crowd. We sympathised with their earlier efforts but the results of the Kingston and St. George's Club matches have simplified matters considerably. It has been shown that the Trinidadians can be beaten only by fast positional play. Of this there have been a disgusting absence in the previous colony matches. I speak without authority but I believe that when an international team is being selected abroad, an effort is made to pick it in sections if it is possible to get brilliant sections from individual teams. Of course, there is no slavish adherence to this principle but you can see the advantage. In Jamaica football, just at this moment this method would be very successful and the resultant team would be less like a Haitian army. St. George's would supply the left section. O. Left Byfield, a vigorous brave newcomer to this position. Inside Left, McKenzie, centre forward, DeLeon; left half, Hitchins. This latter player is quite fit again and has fully recovered his form. My right wing would be supplied by Kingston. Inside right, Alty Sasso; Outside Right, DaCosta, and right half, Parke. Scott, at centre half, will be a tower of strength in spite of his youth.

My last lines of defence would be Hadden, Peter and Groves.

My omission of Smith is no indication that I belittle his play, but the preference should be given to the brilliant and much younger player Peter whose form in the first match suffered from his attack of nerves. We must think of the future. I have not considered Capt. Harvey because I do not think he should play for All Jamaica. We might as well play the soldier team as an All Jamaica team. No ill feelings, Capt. Harvey, we have always applauded your efforts. Hadden I consider in the light of a resident who will be here for quite a long time. Trusting that you will help us to secure this team which even if it did not win, would attract a huge crowd and give us some good football.

(Sgd) Linesman