Bisons' charge stopped

Date Published: 
Jamaica Gleaner


ALL SCHOOLS ............... 2 (Gordon, Lewis)
BISONS ........................ 1 (Martin)

THE BISONS' charge was stopped for the first time yesterday when they were beaten in their 18th soccer game 2-1 by Jamaica All-Schools team in their match at the National Stadium.

It was the first defeat the Washington D.C. team were receiving in their third match here. They had won 15 straight matches in U.S. Inter-Collegiate tourney.

They were never before outclassed but, yesterday looked awkwardly by comparison to the short-passing finesse of the fluid moving All-Schools aggregation.

Tenacious KEITH TULLOCH, dour DERRICK DENNICER, brilliant defensive work by BERTRAM BECKETT, and DEVON LEWIS' lacerating manoeuvres proved the deciding factor in the schools team attack.

The local school boys called the tune from the early whistle matching their opponents speed but proving superior with uncanny ball control.

Applause attended an early school foray when Lewis dribbled deftly by a Bison and after wrongfooting two charging Bisons chipped to Dennicer, collected a return pass and chopped a through-pass to Herbert Gordon who was caught offside.

But seconds later an exquisite two-pronged attack by Gordon and Richard Davey sent the Stadium crowd in ecstastic frenzy.

Gordon collected a long ball from Mario McLennon and, dribbling laterally shunted to Davey who touched back quickly to the moving Gordon for him to unleash a ferocious drive in the net.

The Bisons were dizzied by the school boys who weaved the ball around like a trojan and whose phalanx-like defence proved impervious to their thrusts.

Tulloch mesmerised three players with sharp turns, and laid on a pass to Dennicer whose shot whistled by the jaws of the goalmouth.

The Bisons' forward line were never allowed to build up dangerous attacks which, as they took shape, were disintegrated by the positive and fierce tackling of Beckett, Plummer and McLennon.

It was Plummer who saved what looked like a sure goal when the ball catapulted speedily from an Aqui blast inside the goal zone. Plummer moved quickly to deflect the flight of the ball from what was an unguarded goal.

The schoolboys got a chance to widen their lead when Davey body-shifted a defender and kicked over the top.

On the resumption the All-school team accelerated the pace, keeping the ball on the ground and spraying passes nimbly by the Bisons.

It looked like goal No. 2 when Davey unleashed a thunderbolt which slapped the bar and rebounded out harmlessly.

Bisons' riposte was solo move by Aqui who went on a screaming run on the wing and on reaching the goal zone, was brilliantly tackled by the sliding Beckett.

The Bisons charged again with a superb three-man attack: Don Simmons wormed his way by two men gave the ball to Aqui who passed to Alvin Henderson for the latter to fire a hard right footer which rocked 'keeper Donovan Hayles.

But as if they were saying 'anything you can do I can do,' the schoolboys initiated a similar three-man, move of equal class, triggered by Tulloch who passed to Harold Walker for him to leave two defenders flat-footed and pass to Lewis whose shot shaded the bar.

Lewis lashed back instantly, chesting a ball down, rounded a defender and hit low and hard in the back of the net.

The Bisons seeing defeat staring them in the face pulled out all the stops. Simmons sprinted by a gaggle of defenders and passed to Aqui who hammered a left-footer over the top.

Again they stormed Simmons once more calling the tune passing to Mori Diane who fired a hard-grounder but Hayles dived low to bring off a sparkling save.

Bisons pressured the all-school defence and the latter withstood the force valiantly. But the Bisons were not to finish the match scoreless. A free-kick, awarded for fouling, was fired in the net by Anthony Martin.