Bisons charge at UWI today

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Jamaica Gleaner

Howard U. play first of four matches

HOWARD UNIVERSITY Soccer Bisons charge at UWI in a match timed for 4 o'clock this afternoon at Mona Bowl.

The game marks the opening of the American University four-match series here, during which time they will seek to salvage local talent to include on their celebrated team.

Today's tilt with the U.W.I. First Division team, should provide local fans with a preamble as to the soccer depth of the newly-emerged varsity champions of the United States.

A signal achievement was theirs four day ago when they became the first black university to vault to the pinnacle of soccer supremacy in America, defeating defending champions St. Louis by the odd-goal in five in the finale ected out at the Orange Bowl in Miami.

They go into today's game animated with a confidence summed up in the words of coach Lincoln Phillips: "we don't intend to lose".

And win they might, as they will be up against a team which abounds in the cellar of the current First Division league lacking the thrust, co-ordination of movement and penetrative dash to blunt the goal-charge of the Bisons.

Key goal-scout Keith Aqui will not be seen in action today, which will come as a disappointment to many local fans who were hoping to see the acrobatic forward in action.

but such is the efficacy of the Howard team that they are quite capable of performing well without their chief goal-grabber, who will miss the match because of a leg-injury.

In his absence the man who should keep 'keeper Brendon Bain busy between the sticks is Alvin Henderson who, like Bain, hails from Trinidad.

An inside forward Henderson is a zealous goal-getter who annexed two goals for the Bisons in their confrontation with St. Louis to up his tally for the season to 23 — two goal behind compatriot Auqi who has scored 25.

But the U.W.I. team should not be written off totally. It is to be recalled that at the start of the First Division season they played brilliantly to hold the formidable Boys' Town to a scoreless draw and later on in the season pulled off a stunning upset when they stopped Jamaica Regiment 2-0.

These happenings adequately testify to the unpredictable nature of soccer and stirs doubt as to whether the Bisons goal-rush will be successful today.