CONCACAF endorsed Sepp Blatter for the FIFA Presidency

Date Published: 

CONCACAF announced today that the support of its 35 member nations will go to Sepp Blatter, currently General Secretary of FIFA, at the election for the Presidency of FIFA in Paris next month.

In announcing the decision, CONCACAF President Jack Austin Warner of Trinidad & Tobago, said that the Executive Committee and members of the Confederation had been thoroughly surveyed before the conclusion had been reached.

We believe that Mr. Blatter offers continuity of thought and action and a continuation of the work of Dr. Joao Havelange, Mr. Warner said. It would be a bitter blow to Dr. Havelange's legacy if his work was not continued.

Mr. Warner said that CONCACAF's decision did not reflect any ill will towards the President of UEFA, the other candidate to replace the retiring president. However, we feel strongly that Mr. Blatter has shown that he has a global view of the game as opposed to the Eurocentric positions so often taken by the other candidate.

In CONCACAF, we fully recognize that our growth and development have been significantly advanced under the leadership of Dr. Havelange and Mr. Blatter. Others making similar efforts to progress and improve must surely share that recognition, Mr. Warner continued.

We feel that the whole world game will be more secure in Mr. Blatter's hands. Thus, the CONCACAF countries, including the three countries which were first supporters of Mr. Blatter, - Jamaica, USA and Mexico and which are all qualified for the World Cup in France, - shall vote for him at the FIFA Congress.