Scorps go to Washington for final playoff contest

Art Davis
Date Published: 
Syracuse Herald

Can the Syracuse Scorpions—down two goals to none in the American Soccer League Playoffs—rebound to take the ASL Championship against a powerful Washington Dart club? The game will kick off at 3 p.m, Sunday on the Woodrow Wilson High School Field, Nebraska Ave. and Chesapeake St. N. W., in Washington, D. C.

The Darts went ahead 2-0 in Syracuse last Sunday and could win the title by just keeping Syracuse from scoring. The team with the most goals in the two games combined wins.

The Scorps' All-Star right inside, Yao Kankam said "Sunday we're going to go to Washington
and win, but we've got to keep the ball on the ground because they have the height on us."

"We're going to 'perform' before the game and then take the field and beat them," said West African Frank Odoi, the ASL All-Star left wing. To "perform before the game is a ritual that is done before a game as a custom in Ghana to give a team luck for the game.

If the Scorps "perform" as well as they did in the second half of the game last Sunday they will have a shot at the ASL title.

With center forward Jim Lefkos, the ASL's most valuable player, back in the lineup and Claude Campos back guarding the nets, the Scorps should provide an exciting finish to a season that has seen a first year soccer club rise to the top of its division.

The only obstacle to the Scorps title hopes are last year's ASL champions, the Washington Darts who lost only one game this year and are two goals up on the Scorps now. The Darts also have an impregnable defense with Roland Crispin, Winston Alexis, All-Star Willie Evans and All-Star goalie-coach Lincoln Phillips guarding the Dart nets. Two other Dart All-Stars are halfback John Kerr and forward Gerry Browne.

The Woodrow Wilson field holds up to 4,000 spectators and reserved seats will be sold at $4.00 a ticket with student tickets selling for $2.00. The Scorps will leave from Hancock Airport on American Airlines Flight 420 at 11:30 a.m. Sunday.