Scorps open playoff

Date Published: 
Syracuse Herald

Syracuse fans have only one chance to see their Northern Division American Soccer League Champs, the Syracuse Scorpions in action at home in the first of a two-game playoff for the ASL championship. The Scorps, hot after downing Rochester to earn the Northern Division title host the Southern Division champs, the Washington Darts 2:30 this afternoon at Griffin Field.

More than 4,000 tickets will be on sale at the gates tomorrow for the contest which matches the ASL's best offensive team, the Scorps against the ASL's best defense — the Darts. The Darts have four all-Americans on their team and Syracuse has three, including the league's Most Valuable Player, center forward Jim Lefkos.

In addition to Lefkos, the Scorps have Gladstone Ofori, Frank Odoi, Quona Taylor and Ashe Welch on the offensive line. Yao Kankam, Winston Earle, Phil Davis and Mauro Felipe will be at halfback; Frank Donlavey and Andre Jagendijk will play fullbacks and Claude Campos is in the goal.

For the Darts, Lincoln Phillips will be in the goal; Roland and Raymond Crispin will be at fullback; John Kerr, Bert Grell, Vic Gamaldo and Willie Evans are expected to be at halfback slots and Joseph Gyua, Cris Gonzalez, Gerry Browne and Billy Eraser, and Michael Diego are expected to play on the line.