Scorps awaiting Darts

Art Davis
Date Published: 
Syracuse Herald

The adjective "amazing" has been applied to the New York Mets baseball team but could just as well describe the Syracuse Scorpions Soccer team who meet the Washington Darts 2:30 p.m. Sunday at Griffin Field in the first of two games to decide the American Soccer League Championship. The team with the most goals in the two games wins. The second game is Sunday, Oct. 26 at Washington.


The Scorps haye compiled a 12-3-5 record and added another win in the playoff game against Rochester. The Sunday contest will also match the number one and two high scorers in the ASL with the Scorps' Lefkes, 23, dueling the Darts' Gerry Browne who had 16 goals.

In addition to Browne, the Darts put three other players on the ASL All-Star team. They are goalie Lincoln Phillips, who's had six shut outs, center halfback Willie Evans, and right halfback John Kerr. Scorps' goalie Claude Campos has had two shut outs.