CONCACAF will not merge with CSF

Date Published: 

CONCACAF's Executive Committee has taken action to squash suggestions of a merger with its South American neighbors, the 10-member Confederacion Sudamericana de Futbol (CSF).

In response to reports that such a merger was being proposed by the CSF President, Dr. Nicolas Leoz, CONCACAF made its position clear at the executive committee meeting in Bermuda over the weekend.

General Secretary Chuck Blazer today issued CONCACAF's official position on the matter by releasing the motion, passed unanimously by the Executive Committee, which reads:

* "That CONCACAF is and shall remain an independent Confederation within FIFA;
* "That CONCACAF has no interest in merging and will not merge with its brother Confederation of South America (CSF) despite its friendly feelings towards that Confederation; and
* "That CONCACAF's interests and objectives are to advance the cause of football within each and all of its member nations."