Sports Editor's Diary

Raymond Sharpe
Date Published: 
Jamaica Gleaner

Splendid Arrangements

IF THERE were any snags in the arrangements for last week's World Cup football play-off at the National Stadium between El Salvador and Haiti they were so small and insignificant that they were not easily discernible. Indeed the Jamaica Football Federation can feel satisfied that it succeeded in making splendid arrangements for the visiting teams.

Officials of both teams and the match inspector, Trinidad's Football Association's secretary, Eric James, were all highly impressed and satisfied with everything, both in terms of playing conditions, accommodations and other necessities. James, who in his capacity as match inspector, was the official representative of the International Football Federation (FIFA), is a top class sports administrator and any form of commendation from him is really merited. Long before the start of Wednesday night's game he gave the field, changing rooms and other facilities a thorough going over and came up with no criticism. He has assured local football administrators of a very favourable report to FIFA.