Disappointed at criticism of referees

Date Published: 
Jamaica Gleaner

PORT-OF-SPAIN, Trinidad, Jan. 9 (Reuters)

Trinidad sports writers today expressed disappointment over the public criticism made by the manager and coach of Jamaica's Vere Technical High School against local referees. Both the coach Derek Tomkinson and manager, John Tapscott, claimed that sub-standard refereeing was responsible for the Jamaican school champion team losing some of the six matches.

Vere lost four matches, drew one and won the other.

The Guardian's sports editor, John de Govia said today in his article "coach Derek Tomkinson and manager John Tapscott have done Trinidad referees a disservice without the slightest provocation and it is to be hoped that the referees society here will take up the matter with the competent authorities in Jamaica.

Also hitting out at the criticisms, was Osmond O. Downer, honorary secretary of the Trinidad and Tobago Referees' Association. He said that he was both "surprised and indignant" at the statements made by the officials.

He added no one would expect a coach or a manager of a schoolboy team to publicly criticize the decision of a referee in any game of sport."

"These are the same people, especially where susceptible youngsters are concerned, to instill in them the respect for referees' decisions and the will to play on, regardless of their disagreement of certain decisions made."

Evening News sports writer Leo Primus also defended the referees.

"Time and time again, these so-called knowledgable individuals cannot accept defeat in good grace and return home with stories that they were robbed.

"This is grossly unfair to the referees who in my opinion did a good job," Primus said.