Teams start coming in January 20 for CONCACAF club champs

Date Published: 
Jamaica Gleaner

At a meeting of the Jamaica Football Federation (JFF) held at the home of the Federation's acting secretary, Mr. Eric Wittingham, in Spanish Town on Wednesday night, it was disclosed that clubs expected to participate in the Caribbean Eliminations of the Confederation of North Central American and Caribbean Football Association (CONCACAF) Club Championships, slated to begin at the National Stadium on Monday, January 22, will begin their trek to the island on Saturday, January 20.

Expected to arrive first is the Trinidad and Tobago Regiment, along with Trinidad Football Association's secretary, Eric James. The following day will see the arrival of the celebrated Racing Club of Haiti and on the 21st, the arrivals of Juan Colombia, of Netherland Antilles and Somerset of Bermuda.

Each team will be accompanied by a FIFA referee. The referees will be staying at Sandhurst Guest House; and the visiting teams, with the exception of Trinidad and Tobago Regiment, will stay at the National Stadium; the Trinidad squad will be staying at Camp.

Ten matches will be played throughout the tournament. A JFF official disclosed, that only one match will be played each night, so as to permit the usage of the Stadium grounds and minimize further deterioration of the turf, in view of the current drought and as a result of Manning and KSAFA matches played there recently.

Winner of the soccer tournament will meet the champion club in Central America to decide the CONCACAF champions.


Following are the fixtures of the Tournament:

January 22: Jamaica Regiment vs Juan Colombia;
January 25: Jamaica Regiment vs Somerset;
January 26: Racing vs Trinidad Regiment;
January 27: Juan Colombia vs Somerset;
January 29: Jamaica Regiment vs Trinidad Regiment;
January 30: Racing vs Somerset;
January 31: Trinidad Regiment vs Somerset;
February 1: Jamaica Regiment vs Racing.