Soccer stars to coach in Jamaica

Date Published: 
Jamaica Gleaner

Soccer coach Derek Tomkinson has returned to the island with the great news that the U.S. pro soccer bosses have shown some consideration for some of the islands which they have stripped of their top footballers.

Tomkinson said in his office yesterday that the clubs competing in the Unites States' first professional soccer competition have agreed to send two coaches to Jamaica and one to Trinidad.

The coaches will be on four-month contracts and their salary and travel expenses will be paid by the National Professional Soccer League.

The local talent scout for Baltimore, Atlanta and New York said that one of the coaches would most likely be centred in Clarendon while the other will work in Kingston, possibly with the YMCA Club.

He is not yet certain which coaches will be assigned to Jamaica but said that two of the three who will do the four-month spell in the West Indies are Dennis Violett—a former English international—and Vic Crowe, an ex-Welsh International.