Playing of Haitian goalkeeper illegal —Ron Gordon

Date Published: 
Jamaica Gleaner

DR. RON GORDON, President of the Jamaica Football Federation told the Gleaner in an interview that Haitian goalkeeper Rafael Manoyrine, who represented Haiti in the finals of the Confederation of North Central America and Caribbean Football Association's competition, in Tegucigalpa, was a suspended player and should not have been allowed to play.

Dr. Gordon, who was Jamaica's representative to the CONCACAF congress, stated that Manoyrine, who was involved in incidents during the final match of the Caribbean round of the CONCACAF tournament, between Jamaica and Haiti, was suspended by the disciplinary committee at a meeting held at the National Stadium on January 22.

Dr. Gordon went on to say that Mr. Rouzier, vice-president of CONCACAF, had appointed Mr. George Abrahams to represent him when the eliminations were held here.

Mr. Rouzier, he said made this appointment with the understanding that all reports should be submitted to him. Accordingly, Mr. Abrahams gave all the reports to Dr. Gordon to be delivered to Mr. Rouzier in Honduras. These reports, Dr. Gordon said were signed reports of the entire elementary round held here.

On February 26, Mr. Rouzier stopped in Jamaica on his way to Honduras and spoke with Dr. Gordon. It was then mentioned that Haiti intended to take goalkeeper Manoyrine to Honduras and some technicality had arisen regarding Manoyrine's suspension and his eligibility to play.

"It was not surprising to me at the congress, on this matter that the minutes of the disciplinary committee were hot signed" Dr. Gordon said.

The documents signed by Mr. Abrahams were not presented to the congress and every attempt to clarify this issue, so far as I knew, was stopped by arguments put forward by Mr. Eric James of Trinidad, Dr. Gordon added.

"Mr. James consistently maintained that I was only a member of the committee and since no signature to the document under discussion was evident, it would be a matter of taking my word for it only."

Mr. James felt that this was not sufficient grounds to refuse permission for the Haitian goalkeeper to participate.

"I pointed out that Mr. John Alleyene (Trinidad) and Mr. Antoine Coicou (Haiti) were members of the disciplinary committee, in Jamaica, which suspended Manoyrine and that they were also in Honduras and could have been called upon to substantiate the reports. However, this was not done", said Dr. Gordon.

Haiti on the other hand mentioned that no official report was received by the Haitian Football Federation as regards the suspension of the goalkeeper.

Dr. Gordon has reported that Mr. Abrahams will be writing to FIFA; CONCACAF and all affiliated organizations to protest "The flagrant disregard for constitutional authority". It was also pointed out that Phillipe Vobre (Haiti), who was suspended in Haiti's second match in Jamaica played against Netherlands Antilles, but did not play in the last match since the game's committee decision was accepted.

In his opinion Dr. Gordon said every attempt has been made by Haiti to make use of a legal technicality in the absence of certain documents to make a mockery of decisions.

Mr. Abrahams has sent a letter to CONCACAF seeking to place this matter on the agenda of a general meeting of the executives to be held in Jamaica from May 18-20.

Dr. Gordon also said that members of the executive committee as well as delegates from each of the 19 members of the confederation are expected to attend this meeting.