What's happened to the Juvenile Soccer Tourney?

Date Published: 
Jamaica Gleaner

Plans for the Central American and Caribbean Junior Championships are in a bewildering muddle.

Jamaica who had to turn down the chance to host the championships because facilities were already at full stretch for the Commonwealth Games still doesn't know whether its entry has been received and accepted.

It seems that Trinidad, who couldn't stage the tournament as it would have clashed with Carnival arrangements, is also getting the cold shoulder from CONCACAF, the organising body.

Even worse, nobody is quite sure if, when and where the championships will be held.

Yesterday, Mr. George Abrahams (vice-president of the Jamaica Football Federation) said the latest rumour was that the competition will be in Mexico — and if it is, Jamaica may not be keen to compete because of the high altitude.

"This has been going on since last year," said Mr. Abrahams. "Our entry was in months ago and we have still had no word from Mr. Frederico Fortin (secretary of CONCACAF), in Spanish Honduras.

"Now I have had a letter from the Trinidad Football Federation, saying that they too have not had their entry in the championships confirmed, since they refused to stage the tournament.

"Mr. Fortin seems to be the world's worst secretary: he never answers mail, or even acknowledge its arrival."

So the whole muddle is no clearer than it was three months ago. The questions remain: is the tournament to be held, and if it is, have Jamaica and Trinidad been treated to "an angry silence" by a sulking CONCACAF, because the two countries were unable to host the championship.