Federation and Haitian tour

Ronald H. Gordon
Date Published: 
Jamaica Gleaner


Kindly permit me space to dispel certain insidious rumours being perpetrated by certain individuals who would grasp at anything in their attempt to discredit the Jamaica Football Association.

I refer to circumstances leading to the failure of any member of the Federation to attend a Congress in Haiti, called by the Haitian Football Association to arrange a tournament for teams in this area to celebrate Duvalier Day. It again highlights the necessity for all who wish to deal with this Federation in an expeditious manner, to follow our repeated request that all communication should be directed to the Secretariat of the Federation at the address of the Secretary. It might be well to point out that F.I.F.A. has never found it difficult to comply with this request. While telephone messages for the Federation to individuals outside the Federation might seem satisfactory on the friendly level, it leads to the embarrassing situation that some of these individuals set themselves up as "One-man boards of Authority" trying to say what the position of the Federation should be on certain matters.

In the present matter, I was made aware on Wednesday, January 12, of a cable request for this meeting to be held on January 14, in Haiti, when I went to meet Mr. Eric James, Secretary of the Trinidad F.A. at the airport on Wednesday, to discuss with him the visit of a Trinidad Schoolboys Team to Jamaica. It was from him that I had to seek the details regarding the purpose of the Haiti meeting and he informed me that Haiti was responsible for his expenses. As it would bot be possible for me to leave with him for Haiti at such short notice, I phoned the President of the Haiti Association and indicated our willingness to attend. He indicated the dates of the meeting and in answer to my query he also pointed out that Haiti would pay our expenses. I informed him that at such short notice I would possibly have to come myself but when this seemed impossible the Secretary of the Federation was instructed to make the necessary arrangements with Pan American with a charge for the ticket made to the Jamaica Football Federation. With only one day to complete these arrangements, unknown to me he ran into visa difficulty and was unable to reach me.

These circumstances are being relayed to the Haitian Association as it is our intention to participate, and I hope they will be sufficient to allay the fears of those well-intentioned individuals who might wonder if the good relations with our Haitian friends are in jeopardy.

I am, etc.,
President J.F.F.