Surinam beat Trinidad 6-1

Date Published: 
Jamaica Gleaner

PARAMARIBO, Surinam, March 14 (AP):

SURINAM TODAY defeated Trinidad 6-1 in an indifferent soccer game, avenging a previous defeat in Port of Spain when the Trinidadians won 4-1.

Trinidad's only goal was scored in the 20th minute by Sookram after a Surinam player tried to pass back to his goalkeeper but centred to Sookram instead.

Surinam opened the scoring at the ninth minute with a goal by Haltman, who then scored again at the 19th minute. Kluivert made it three goals at the 31st minute and just before the half time whistle Krenten shot in Surinam's fourth.

In the second half the tempo slowed down considerably and the game was marred by rough play on both sides. Waterval scored two more goals for Surinam.