Carib Pro-Football League In Trouble

Date Published: 
Jamaica Gleaner


The Caribbean Football Union (CFU) appears set to take charge of the Caribbean's professional soccer league again, following contractual differences with new owners of the league in New York.

"Caribbean major league football (CMLF) officials have defaulted six or seven times on payments and are indebted to the CFU to the tune of US250 000," CFU President Austin "Jack" Warner told CANA Wednesday.

CFU and CMLF lawyers met in New York last week to iron out problems but an agreement between the two parties seem unlikely to do so at this stage. The CMLF office in Port of Spain has been dosed, and when CANA contacted their New York offices there was a telephone recording saying the line had been "Temporarily disconnected".

Warner has already started making plans for a CFU takeover. "I don't want to say too much, but by now and next week the league should return to the CFU and we should be able to restructure the league, and meet the clubs to discuss the matter on a collective basis," Warner said.

The CFU is emphatic about the importance of the competition to the future of regional football development, and said it wants to ensure the reality of a professional league in the Caribbean is preserved.

About the upcoming season, which may be set back to late April or early May, Warner said, "Many of the franchise holders have expressed a willingness to work with the CFU as they did previously. We have to scale down our expectations drastically but I believe in can be done, and it has to be done".