Cubans come Sept. 24 for Champions' Soccer

Date Published: 
Jamaica Gleaner

Y.M.C.A. will represent Jamaica in her first entry in the Champion of Champions Football Competition of the Confederation of North and Central America and the Caribbean in which twelve teams are playing this year.

Teams in the 1964 competition are Ukrainian (USA), Guadalajara (Mexico), Municipal (Guatemala), Aguila Deportivo (El Salvador), Olimpia (Honduras), Uraguay de Coronado (Costa Rica), Leovictor (Surinam), Veendam (Antillas Neerlandesas), Maple (Trinidad), Racing Y-Aigle (Haiti), YMCA (Jamaica) and Deportivo Industriales (Cuba).

First round matches of the competition which starts in September 26 are Aguila vs. Municipal in Honduras; Municipal vs Aguila in Mexico, Olympia vs. Uraguay in El Salvador, Uraguay vs Olimpia in Guatemala, Maple vs. Leovictor in Antillas Neerlandesas, Leovictor vs. Maple in Antillas Neerlandesas, Veendam vs Aigle in Surinam, Aigle vs Veendam in Jamaica, Deportivo Industriales vs YMCA in Jamaica, YMCA vs Deportivo Industriales in Cuba, Ukranian vs. Guadalajara in Canada and Guadalajara vs Ukrainian in Honduras.

The second round will be played in October, the third in November and the final round in December. Should Jamaica beat Cuba in the first round they will go on to play the winner of the Mexico-America match.