Suggested Final Team To Meet Trinidad

Date Published: 
Jamaica Gleaner

Since Jamaica lost the Intercolonial football series to Trinidad on Saturday last, the Selection Committee of the J. F. A. has come in for some severe criticisms. In the opinion of a prominent All-Jamaica football player, Jamaica should not have lost either of the matches. Allowances, perhaps, could have been made in the first game, when we lost by 3 to 2; for although it was not a fully representative side, it was far better than the one that played in last Saturday's game. That match happened to be the most important one of the Trinidadians' tour and to his surprise the Selection Committee thought it best to experiment with the team. As a result, the players found themselves for the most part out of position, and so naturally could not give of their best.

"Jamaica," continued the footballer, "has lost the rubber, and it's no good crying over spilt milk. As nothing will turn on the last match this Saturday, it is to be hoped the Selection Committee will put a really representative Jamaica team in the field. If we are beaten then nobody can have any grouse. I would like to see the following line-up for Jamaica: Groves; Willie Passailaigue, D. Peter; L. Parke, P. Chevannes, Wiley Lopez; H. DaCosta, Alty Sasso, L. DeLeon, A. E. McKenzie, R. Kinkead.