Trinidadian imprisoned for Pools fraud

Date Published: 
Jamaica Gleaner

LONDON, July 9 (Reuter):

A 36-year-old labourer from Trinidad, Boysie Knowlessar of Brixton, London was sent to prison for nine months at the London Sessions today for trying to obtain winnings on a football coupon by false pretences.

Mr. Harold Cassel, prosecutor, said that Knowlessar sent in two coupons, which would have won him £257,233 sterling and £23,000 sterling, if they had been genuine.

He said that a coupon received by Littlewood Pools for matches played on March 2, was dated for the day after the matches had been played. Knowlessar told the investigation officer who went to see him that he had posted the coupon on February 27, and could not understand why it had not reached before.

The second time, said Mr. Cassel, he sent a registered letter with a blank coupon, and then sent an all-correct coupon after the match results were known.

When questioned again his reaction was, "I sent the coupon filled up and then you say you went and muddled it up in your office.

"It is your fault, pay me out my money."

During cross-examination Knowlessar, who denied the charges, said, "I was very happy when I checked my pools. I was drunk with happiness."

Detective Sergeant Blissett said Knowlessar, who had been in Britain for ten years, was married but separated from his wife.

The four children were in care of the London County Council and he paid £2. 5/- a week towards their keep. There was no evidence that he was in acute financial difficulty.