WI Soccer Team Edge Barking 2-1

Date Published: 
Jamaica Gleaner

LONDON, Octo. 7:

Barking v. Caribbean XIBarking v. Caribbean XI: Match Programme

IN a game that seldom reached any great height the West Indies just about deserved their 2-1 victory over Barking today.

With ball control difficult on a bone hard ground they showed most of such skill as was in evidence, and were quicker on the ball than were the home side.

But had it not been for the agility and courage of goalkeeper Pat Gomez, Barking might well have snatched the equalizer.

Gomez had just shown fine judgment to reach a flashing header from Barking left winger, Ray Payne, when the same player sent over a high cross. Gomez misjudged the flight of the ball which would have sailed into the goal had not right back Tyrone De La Bastide been on hand to effect a timely clearance.

The winners got off to a sparkling beginning with centre forward Alvin Corneal giving them a first minute lead, controlling the ball neatly before firing in a hard 20-yard drive.

Play did not live up to the promise of the exciting opening. For generally both sets of forwards were in the grip of two quick recovering defences.

But the Caribbean side were up against one of Britain's leading amateur sides, many of whose young team have attracted attention of the big professional clubs.

Goalkeeper Eddie Bird, for instance, has been signed on Amateur Forms by first division champions Wolves.

Barking v. Caribbean XILine-up

Carib centre half Noel Daniel did a grand job in marshalling the defence, and it was not until the 20th minute that Gomez had to deal with a shot of any note when he leapt to turn a rising shot over the bar.

With centre forward Corneal and outside left Owen Parker who was quick to make and spot opening, the Carib team generally had the edge of their opponents.

But the second goal they scored in the 40th minute was a present from the Barking defence. Centre half Terry Sproul passed the ball back and the ball bounced off the goalkeeper's shoulder for the ever eager Reg Haynes to nip in and score.

Barking came back more strongly in the second half and Daniel and Gomez worked overtime to hold the fort.

But in the 59th minutes, Barking scored when right winger Vic Harrison had all the time he needed when unmarked, he received a cross from the far wing and drove the ball into the net.

The Carib side lost inside forward Compton Julian five minutes from time when he hurt his leg in a tackle.

It was not a serious injury and he was about to return to the field when the whistle went to end the match.