Presentation College Football Review

Peter Tomy
Date Published: 
Presentation College Magazine

1956 was a year of triumph for Presentation College. Though it was never expected of our boys to match the weight and experience of the Association footballers, we won a few matches and lost many.

However, coming down to College level, we defeated both our Southern and Northern rivals - Naparima and St. Mary's - in the 'Intercol' matches and became the College Champions of the Island.


"Boy, Naparima is really playing football this year. Presentation will have it hard in l)eating them at 'Intercol'."

These and others like these are popular sayings every season when 'Intercol' time comes along. But last year, unlike previous years, there was surprisingly some truth in them. For Naparima had been playing a good brand of football. And though Presentation was in their usual top grade bracket, all agreed that our boys would really need a little extra to give our archrivals their usual beating.

Came 'Intercol' and sure enough came thousands of fans to witness what was termed the toughest and the most keenly contested match of the year. Even the typical 'Intercol' rhythm beat out by College boys and fans was louder and more energetic than in previous vears.

The match started and finished. None was disappointed. All saw what they expected. It was the battle of the year. From the beginning to the end the young, sprightly teams more than satisfied their fans in a match fully and completely filled with sheer skill and strategy.

So even was the exchange of play that halftime found both teams wanting. Up to this point the Naparima rhythm-makers were to be commended. Never before were they allowed to reach so far with their shouting.

A few minutes after the resumption, however, the stretched and strained tune of Naparima fans suddenly died and instead was heard the familiar and delightful sound of the referee's whistle - Penalty

The Presentation Captain took the kick. But before doing so he took also a look at the Naparima grand stand and saw long, disappointed faces which seemed to plead : " After reaching so far!" The Captain then kicked a bullet away past the uprights.

Renewed vigour and enthusiasm were then displayed by the footballers and more so by the Naparima supporters who no more looked foolish, having ' survived ' a penalty. Thrills and spills delighted the crowd. Narrow escapes emerged from many a movement. But yet no goal was registered.

Then fifteen minutes from the end the Presentation Captain at left back zoomed a pass to the left-winger who collected at half-field and with a surprising and amazing burst of speed raced down the green. All were hopefully silent as alone, he skilfully carried the ball toward the approaching goal and let loose the long-awaited bullet. Coqueran was the hero.

To Naparima, that run was like the last mile. It was all so fast and so great. Some say it was the best goal of the season. The left foot shot zoomed past the goalkeeper straight into the left upper corner of the goal.

Of course the roar of the crowd now came only from Presentation fans. The final phase of the game found Naparima staging many breathtaking but fruitless attacks. Our defenders were naturally great in keeping them at bay, particularly our Captain, RAY RAWLINS, centre-half JOE ALEXIS and goalkeeper, ARNOLD FORTUNE.

Then the referee's whistle not only signalled the end of the game but also registered another 'Intercol' victory over our rival College boys who could only murmur their time-worn phrase: "better luck (or is it luck ?) next year ".

Winners of Cow & Gate and Cutteridge Cups

Presentation First XI 1956Presentation First XI 1956:
BACK ROW: H. Durity, C. Wiggins, A. Fortune, A. Hudson, E. Pirtheesingh.
SEATED: K. Pilgrim, L. Crawford, R. Rawlins (Capt.), J. Alexis, E. Coqueran.

Cow & Gate Cup

By virtue of their victory over Q.R.C., St. Mary's gained the distinction of meeting our boys, champions of the South, for the famed Cow & Gate Cup of which St. Mary's have been the proud possessors for the past four years.

This time crowds from both North and South came to Skinner Park to witness the match which decided the island champions for the year. Many believed that 'Saints' would retain the Cup, but we at Presentation knew, of course, that most of them only hoped they would win

The usual 'Intercol' rhythm of mouth and steel greeted the footballers as they made their way to the field. The game started with much of the 'Intercol' excitement which was mostly contributed by the Presentation boys. Their game was so constructive and skillful that our Northern rivals were completely outplayed.

Shortly before half-time the Presentation right-winger HUDSON, powerfully headed a cross-pass to the net.

On the resumption, St. Mary's fought on end for the equaliser but our defence was not to be troubled. Their stand was firm and easy.

Then just before the whistle our inside-left, KEN PILGRIM, put an end to the Saints' efforts with a bullet past the goalkeeper who never had a chance.

Neal and Massy Cup

Later in another fixture with St. Mary's for the Neal and Massy Cup, a depleted Presentation went under two - nil to 'Saints'. Both goals were scored by Mahon in the second-half.