BCFA charged with taking smaller islands for ride

Date Published: 
Jamaica Gleaner

BRIDGETOWN, September 16:

AT a meeting of the Barbados Football Association members decried the idea that the British Caribbean Football Association should try to take the smaller territories for a ride by financing a tour which in actual fact was benefiting the larger territories, Jamaica and Trinidad.

The Council of the Association was at the time considering a letter from the secretary of the BCFA in respect to the proposed visit from a Trinidad team in November, which would serve as the basis for selection of a team to the United Kingdom.

The secretary of the Barbados Association was instructed to reply to the letter refuting that Barbados had agreed to stage a tour to the United Kingdom on the ground that an All-Trinidad team to visit Barbados this year would serve as a trial for selection of a team to tour England.

A motion was passed that a tour to Barbados by a Trinidad team should be made in accordance with former arrangements, that is, Trinidad paying the passages to and from, and the local Association paying board and lodging.

Contingent on what benefit accrued from the tour, the local Association would refund the plane passages to the Trinidad Association.