Alexander outstanding player of tournament

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Jamaica Gleaner

Jamaica soccer team back — Manager says

"FRANZ ALEXANDER was the outstanding player in the tournament", team manager George Abrahams said yesterday afternoon at the Palisadoes Airport, as the Jamaica soccer team returned from Port of Spain where they were beaten 2-1 by Trinidad in a three-match "Test" series.

Mr. Abrahams said that in any position he played, Alexander, who captained the team, was outstanding. "He did everything right," he added.

One of the reasons for Jamaica's defeat, the manager said, was that the Trinidad forwards had "a stronger finish than they did in Kingston in February 1957." A contributory factor was that certain key players were not as fit as was thought when the tourists left Jamaica.

Trinidad still had a good defence, but the Jamaica team as a whole certainly did not perform as well as they did in the 1957 series.

"Of the players new to intercountry football, Ken East and Sydney Bartlett came out of the series with top honours", the manager said. "The matches were attended by large crowds, which impressed with their knowledge of the game and their fairmindedness."

Mr. Abrahams said he was pleased with the conduct of all the players and with the co-operation he received from the captain and vice-captain of the team.

He was also satisfied with the accommodation for the visitors and with the social functions which had been arranged for them by the Trinidad soccer authorities.

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VICTOR AND VANQUISHED: Trinidad forward Son Baptiste (extreme left), is happy as he accompanies the dejected Jamaicans Marsden Chen, Ken East and Aubrey Lowe off the field after Trinidad defeated Jamaica 4-0 in the second soccer "Test" at Queen's Park Oval recently.