Third soccer 'Test' today

Alva Ramsay
Date Published: 
Jamaica Gleaner



ALREADY beaten in the three-match series for the Federal Cup, Jamaica will try to patch their tattered reputation in the third and last soccer 'Test' at Queen's Park Oval tomorrow.

The team will be picked tomorrow, Franz Alexander told me.

Trinidad will bring in a few hopefuls to blood them against the visit of a West Indies team to England next year.

Jamaica's football stocks are certainly low here after their Oval showing on Sunday last. It still seems a mystery to me how a team which so dazzled with their speed in the South on Thursday should have been so leaden-footed on Sunday.

The only players to emerge with intact reputations are goalkeeper Selvyn Murphy, Franz Alexander, backs Walter Chevannes and Aubrey Lowe. Alexander was certainly the best man on the field each time he played, his work at centre half being superb at all times, so superb that more often than not he seemed to be able to toy with the considerable Trinidad forwards.

I am certain no Trinidadian will question his place on the team for England, as well as the captaincy of that team.


What surprised me was that Trinidad were always the faster and more fiery side, and were they fit.

On Sunday they began at a scorching pace, and amazed me by maintaining this throughout. Their assaults for most of the second half was as sustained as at the early stage of the match.

While the Jamaican defence did not actually snap, it sagged considerably under their hammer blows, especially with their wing halves, Largie being constructive but slow, while Chen was not rugged enough and sometimes rushed his tackles.

When Alexander moved into inside left to infuse some punch to the line, Chen switched to stopper, was unable to hold Franco, who then struck his best patch of the series.


Jamaica's van looked limp, and it is quite obvious that immediate search must be made for wingers — mend who can turn quickly and develop a burst over the first 10 yards or so.

With the best of intention and skill in the world, Smith was just not able to do that, although he always did something with the ball when he gained possession, but then through superior speed Rodriguez was able to beat him to the pass and thus keep a firm grip on him.

The other back so nullified Williams that our wings collapsed, thus putting too much responsibility on centre.


On Sunday East was also a shadow as was Anthony Hill, both being made to look incredibly slow.

Jamaica may have been wrong to drop Bartlett, who is an ideal inside man — one prepared to make goals instead of just shooting.

After the match tomorrow there will be a presentation at the Tavern on the Green with a cocktail party.

The Jamaicans will not return until Friday, as the schedule has been so tight they have not been able to see much of Trinidad.

[photo caption]

JAMAICA GOAL UNDER PRESSURE from the South Trinidad forwards during the soccer match at Apex, San Fernando, last Thursday. Jamaican goalkeeper Kenny Williams (left), is assisted in clearing the ball by back Walter Chevannes (second from left), and left-half Frankie Lewis (third from right). The Jamaicans won the match 3-1.