JFA Eleven Edge Schools 1-0

Date Published: 
Jamaica Gleaner


THE FIVE-GAME tour of the St. Mary's College footballers from Trinidad, ended at Sabina Park last night, as a combined schoolboy team of seven Trinidadians and four Jamaicans lost 1-0 to a Jamaica Football Association XI.

St. Mary's who played for matches as an individual team, beat Kingston College and Munro College 3-0, lost 2-0 to an All Manning team and defeated a Colts XI 2-1.

The losers played a better all-round brand of football than the JFA team last night and were unlucky to lose.

The schoolboys moving downfield in the first half, converged on the JFA XI's goal and in the first minute, centre forward David Freeman took a powerful shot which Murphy was barely able to deflect outside.

The older men took command after the initial burst, and made raid after raid on the goal, but they were unable to get in a good shot.

The backs Tyrone "Tiny" de Labastide and Aubrey Welsh, showing good anticipation, broke up all the thrusts with solid kicking. They never missed once.

The brand of football by the forwards of both teams was quite good, although the Combined Schools team showed more finesse in their movements which were concentrated alternately on the wing and through the centre.

Both teams were unable to score, however, due more to good defence work than faulty shooting and were still nil-all at half-time.

The Jamaica team dictated the run of play for the opening period of the half, but each time they attempted a goal-scoring movement de Labastide was present to break it. He was covering well, and kicking hard and sure with both feet. This player who is also the St. Mary's skipper has been the outstanding player of the series.

The Jamaica team took the leas in the 45th minute, when left winger Owen Parker, collecting the ball from the throw-in, dribbled across the field and took a surprise shot from just outside the area. King had no chance of saving.

After this goal they took control, and kept the ball in the schoolboys' area for the rest of the game.

Bad shooting by the forwards particularly Buddy Josephs on the right wing, left them without a second goal, however, when referee David Lewis signalled the end at 10.29 o'clock.