Combined Schools Tackle JFA XI

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Jamaica Gleaner

Bernard Lodge meet Lucas in Junior Cup final

ST. MARY'S College footballers from Trinidad end their five-match tour of Jamaica on a high note tonight, when seven of their players combine with four Jamaican schoolboys for a match against a JFA XI at Sabina Park.

Tonight's game holds much significance; the footballers of the future are pitting their prowess against the name players in a match that can break or heighten morale.

The Trinidadians on their performance in their four matches against, Kingston College, an All Manning XI, Munro College and a Jamaica Colts XI showed that they are undoubtedly a fine team packed with talent.

For the match the selectors have named Aubrey Welch, Tyrone deLabastide, Calvie Griffin, Wenceslaus Thomasos, "Chippie" Mahon, "Freeze" Freeman and Rowley Forde to play with Michael King, Merrick Miller, Roy Lee and Neville McCook, four of Jamaica's top schoolboy footballers.

Freeman, who will be playing his first game in Jamaica, has come in for Richard Neives who suffered muscle injury in the Colts match.

After watching the youngsters play, it is more than likely that they will give the bigger men a hard fight.

The understanding that has been exhibited among the forwards, will if present tonight, be a bother to the defence, and the clash of youthful enthusiasm and ability against experience and ability should be worthwhile.

The Trinidad backs Welch and deLabastide are two of the soundest seen here for a long time and they are sure to get their sternest test from a rather formidable looking Jamaica forward line.

Here are the teams:

JAMAICA XI: Selvyn Murphy (goal), Walter Chevannes (RB), Aubrey Lowe (LB), Karl Largie (RH), Marsden Chen (CH) capt., Frankie Lewis (LH), Ruddy Josephs (OR), Sydney Bartlett (IR), Anthony Hill (CF), Denzil Lue (IL), Bobby Williams (OL).

Reserves are, Richard Thelwell (goal), Arnold Scott, Aston Sherwood, Clinton Headlam.

COMBINED SCHOOLS: Michael King (goal), Aubrey Welch, Tyrone deLabastide (LB), Roy Lue (RH), Merrick Miller (CH), Calvie Griffin (LH), Wenceslaus Thomasos (OR), Neville McCook (IR), Chippie Mahon (CF), David Freeman (IL), Rowley Forde (OL).

Reserves are Guy Boldon, Walter Campbell, Milton Bernard, Winston Walker.

Frist match of the evening will be the Junior League final between Lucas and Bernard Lodge. Play in this match starts at 8.00 o'clock while the feature match begins at 9.10.

Both teams who have earned promotion to next year's Senior League played good football to reach the top of their respective divisions.

Bernard Lodge, in particular, have handed out a series of heavy defeats and possess quit a dangerous frontline. Lucas are quite capable of emerging winners if their forwards will shoot more often.

Referees for the respective games are Ernest Plume and David Lewis while referees Norris and Gibson will officiate on the lines at both matches.

Teams tonight will be presented to the Hon. Florizel Galsspole, Minister of Education and Mr. Douglas Forrest, B.A., headmaster of KC.

The Minister will hand out the JFA Cup and medals to St. Mary's players and officials after the match, while KC and Munro will also present the Trinidadians with souvenirs.

St. George's Old Boys will receive the Morin KO Cup.