St. Mary's and Colts clash tonight

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Jamaica Gleaner

ST. MARY'S College footballers face their biggest challenge in Jamaica tonight against a formidable Colts XI in the second game of what should be a crowd-pleasing double-header at Sabina Park.

The other game will be the Morin KO Cup final between St. George's Old Boys and Melbourne. Play in this match starts at 7.30 o'clock, while the St. Mary's game is set for a 8.50 start.

St. Mary's are putting out the strongest team for the game, hence no changes are expected on the team that lost to the All-Manning team and soundly beat DaCosta Cup champions Munro College.

The line-up is Guy Boldon (goal), Aubrey Welch (RB), Tyrone deLabastide (LB), Ernest DeCoteau (RH), Clem Clarke (CH), Calvie Griffin (LH), Wenceslaus Thomasos (OR), William Browne (IR), "Chippie" Mahon (CF), Richard Nevies (IL), Rowley Forde (IL).

Against Munro the Trinidadian forwards exhibited a shooting power absent in their two previous matches, and their cohesion repeatedly carried through the usually sound defence.

Their greatest test will undoubtedly come tonight, as the Colts halves, Jack Walker, Aston Sherwood and Roy Lee, are capable of frustrating even the smoothest working line.

Left back, Arnold Scott, is also a tower of strength, whilst Bruce Excell on the right, is no greenhorn. Goalkeeper Michael King is in top form.

The toss-up between the Jamaican forwards and Trinidad's hard-tackling defence should prove worthwhile to watch as each player on the local frontline works the ball very well, and is by coincidence the key forward on their respective club and school teams.

The Colts team is: King (goal), Excell (RB); Scotts (LB), Walker (RH), Sherwood (CH), capt. Roy Lee (LH), Derrick DaCosta (OR), Sydney Bartlett (IR), Clinton Headlam (CF), Keith ROss (IL), R. Hesikiah (OL).

The Old Boys-Melbourne game should follow tradition by being a top-class game.

The lst match between the teams — a League fixture — produced on of the best games seen here in many seasons, and tonight's game should not fall far short of that standard, if both teams play their usual brand of soccer.

The Light Blues have appeared over-confident in recent matches, and unless they put away that feeling, and the forwards, particularly Anthony Hill, overcome their selfish tendancy, they will find themselves fighting probably in vain for victory.