Sidelights Of The Evening

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Jamaica Gleaner

A CARNIVAL spirit was in the air at Sabina Park last night. The Trinidadian undergraduates from the UCWI who have been giving the St. Mary's team such wonderful moral support, came equipped with their steel-band and their theme-song "St. Mary's we want a goal", was rendered with orchestral backing.

"LENNIE" returned triumphantly to the Sabina Park scene last night after his recent illness. Before play began last night he shook hands with the referee and opposing captain, spun the toss which he obviously won and jubilantly decided to kick up field. Neither his team nor the opposing team showed up after this enthusiastic display, so the game was called off without any explanation or apologies to spectators.

DURING the interval "Lennie" changed to cricket and bowled alternately left, then right hand. A fine diving catch off his own bowling ended the game, but he had enough energy left to give a few ornate 'pops' to a Worcester defender who tried to take away a spare ball prior to the resumption of play. During the interval between the schoolboys' game he changed his sport to track and then back to cricket this time as an attacking batsman and the huge Sabina crowd was kept laughing heartily.

VERY MUCH in evidence last night were sweaters, new and old Windcheaters and a profusion of jackets, a rare sight for Jamaica football crowds. Anyone who was not similarly garbed however cast envious glances at the various outer coverings because of the cold spell which is now sweeping the island.