Sidelights Of The Evening

Date Published: 
Jamaica Gleaner

AS seems to be the custom in Jamaica play again started late. Though the players for the first match last night were on the field, warming up for some time, the referee and linesmen did not appear until ten minutes after the time scheduled for the start of play.

BEFORE the start of play the St. Mary's skipper, Tyrone de Labastide, presented a pennant and souvenirs to the All-Manning skipper, Merrick Miller, for the members of the team.

FIRECRACKERS were again in evidence at Sabina Park last night, and any outstanding movement was greeted with a 'bang'. To celebrate the scoring of Jamaica's goal against the visitors the schoolboys obliged with a while pack of their precious firesticks.

THE St. Mary's team again received vociferous support from the Trinidadian undergrad from the UCWI. Their spirits however, were dampened when their team faced defeat and their repertoire of songs in distinct contrast to last Friday night was surprisingly limited. Their chief song was "ST. M-A-A-R-Y's we w-a-an-t a goal."

This which was not realised however and when play ended a group of Jamaican schoolboys came up with their own composition which though unmusical was still effective, "St. M-A-A-R-Y-'s D-O-A-N-T GET NO G-O-A-A-L."

An ABSENTEE from the Sabina Park scene is "Lennie." He is indisposed, and so is not able to give exhibitions of his dazzling dribbles. During the schoolboys' game he kept spectators in the southern bleachers in a happy mood however, and when the Jamaican boys were on top volunteered the opinion that St. Mary's play softball, but Manning play football.