Refs term appointments 'gross insult'

Date Published: 
Jamaica Gleaner

APPOINTMENTS of referees and linesmen for the four matches during the St. Mary's College tour which is scheduled to begin on Friday may spark a crisis among referees.

Members of the Jamaica referees have termed the appointments "a gross insult", and are actually considering full scale resignation.

The referees appointed by the Jamaica Football Association are R. S. M. Gibson, Ernest Plume, David Lewis, Edward Roberts, Johnny Wongsam and Felix DaCosta. These six men along with "Happy" Delgado and Norris will also perform the job of linesmen.

The referees claim that they have been deliberately slighted.

"After all", they said yesterday, "there are other referees who could perform the job just as well. We would have appreciated it if they had even been named linesmen, but to be ignored completely is nothing short of a disgrace an we plan strong action. We have borne the brunt of refereeing in local matches for many years, and when out work should be recognised, it is slighted," they said.