Strong Trinidad Schoolboy Soccer Side Due Dec. 5

Date Published: 
Jamaica Gleaner

St. Mary's College


A FOURTEEN-STRONG football team from St. Mary's College, one of the strongest schoolboy aggregations in Trinidad, is due on Thursday, December 5, to arrive by air in Jamaica for a five-match series against Jamaica school teams and combinations and a Jamaica Colts side.

The players will be accompanied by a Chief de Mission, Rev. Fr. E. Pinard, who is also Dean of Discipline and Games Master at St. Mary's, and a manager-coach, Joseph Anthony Gonsalves, a former St. Mary's and Trinidad soccer captain.

It is proposed by the Jamaica Football Association that the Trinidadians play Kingston College, Manning Cup champions; the winners of the daCosta Cup competition for country schools (still
to be decided), an all-Manning team, an all-Jamaica secondary school eleven and a Colts side, comprising Senior League players who have not represented Jamaica.

Tentative dates respectively for these matches are December 7, 9, 11, 14 and possibly 16.

All the matches will be played under lights at Sabina Park, starting at 8 o'clock each night.


Following are pictures and pen sketches of the 14 players and two officials coming on the tour—

REV. FR. E. PINARD, C.S.Sp. (Chief de Mission) Dean of Discipline and Games Master, 1945/8 and 1952/7. B.A. (University College, Dublin), Post Graduate-Duquesne University, U.S.A. — Biology. Born in Trinidad and attended St. Mary's as a student 1925/32. As Games Master, won the Alexander Clarke Cup (Emblem of soccer supremacy between the North Colleges) eight times of his nine years' office, and the Cow and Gate Cup Island College champions, seven of his nine years' office. He is greatly loved by the boys of St. Mary's.

JOSEPH ANTHONY GONSALVES (St. Mary's, Shamrock, Notre Dame and Trinidad), Manager-coach. Captain St. Mary's 1944 and represented Trinidad 1944/53. Captain Trinidad 1947/53 (eight tours) at home and in the following countries: England, Jamaica (three times), British Guiana, Surinam, Guadeloupe, Haiti, Puerto Rico, captain Caribbean Football Association team in Jamaica and Surinam in 1952. Also represented Trinidad in Barbados in 1944 and Curacao in 1947.

TYRONE "TINY" DE LABASTIDE (Captain) (Left back). Born October 17, 1938 (19 years). Height 5'4", weight 115 lb. Captain "A" Colts 1954. Played 1st CI 1955/7. Captain 1st XI 1956/56—Good Kick either foot. Sure tackler — quick recovery — excellent ball control, never wastes a ball—a future West Indies prospect. Captain 1st XI Cricket 1957. Higher Certificate Standard.

GUY "OLIVER" BOLDON (Goalkeeper). Born September 12, 1938 (19 years); height 5'10"; weight 135 lb. Played 1st XI 1956/57. Safe pair of hands — fair kick — throws well. School Certificate Standard.

AUBREY BENEDICT WELCH (Right Back). Born April 16, 1940 (17 years), height 5'9½". Weight 147 lb. Captain Intermediate 1956. Played 1st XI 1957. Fast with a strong right foot kick — heads well. School Certificate Standard. Hockey 1st XI, 1957.

CALVIE EMERSON GRIFFIN (Left Half). Born January 20, 1939, (18 years); weight 140 lb. Height 5'6". Played 1st XI 1956/57. An excellent tackler and distributes well. Is good in the air. A courageous player. Basketball 1st XI 1957.

GABRIEL "CLEM" CLARKE (Centre Half). Born November 23, 1938, (19 years); height 6'1"; weight 177 lb. Played 1st XI 1956/57. Excellent tackler. Very good in air, sure kick either foot. An ideal "Stopper" and a future West Indies prospect. 1st XI Cricket 1957.

WILLIAM "FREDDIE" BROWNE (Right Half). Born January 8, 1949 (18 years); height 5'11"; weight 161 lb. Captain Intermediate XI 1955 and played 1st Class 1955/7. Vice-captain 1st XI 1956/7. Strong kick with either foot. A wing half with the accent on attack. 1st XI cricket and basketball. Higher Certificate Standard.

ERNEST ANTHONY DE COTEAU (Right Back/Right Half). Born October 22, 1939, (18 years); height 5'10½", weight 150 lb. Captain Intermediate XI 1956. Played Intermediate and 1st XI 1957. A hard worker and is good in the air. 1st XI basketball 1957. School Certificate Standard.

RALPH HORTON (Left Wing). Born February 8, 1941 (16 years); height 5'7"; weight 140 lb. The baby of the team. 1st XI—1957. Young and green he is a courageous player with a fair turn of speed, and a good kick.

RICHARD NEIVES (Inside Left). Born October 7, 1940 (17 years); height 5'5"; weight 130 lb. 1st XI 1957. For his years, a very heady player. A good goalgetter — a future prospect. 1st XI Hockey 1957. Sea Scouting.

JEFFREY "CHIPSIE" MAHON (Centre Forward). Born January 16, 1940 (17 years); height 5'5"; weight 135 lb. 1st XI 1956/57. A strong kick with either foot; he is very dangerous in front of goal in the air. He is quick and has the makings of a first-class centre forward. 1st XI Cricket 1957. School Certificate Standard.

ROWLEY RUDY FORDE (Inside Right). Born May 25, 1940 (17 years); height 5'11"; weight 150 lb.; 1st XI 1955/7. A strong kick with either foot. A good tackler and hard worker. A very promising inside forward. Also a capable winger.

WENCELAUS THOMASON (Right Wing). Born March 4, 1939 (18 years); height 5'6"; weight 140 lb.; 1st XI 1957. A good shot with either foot. Excellent at cornering. A very useful player. Higher Certificate Standard.

MERVYN EMMANUEL O'CONNOR (Centre Half). Born January 12, 1941 (16 years); height 5'11", weight 140 lb. 1st XI 1957. A very promising stopper. Good defensive player — tackles well. School Certificate Standard.

DAVID "FREEZE" FREEMAN (Centre Forward). Born October 22, 1938 (19 years); height 5'4"; weight 120 lb. 1st XI 1957. A goal conscious player, whose career has been dogged by accidents. Fractured leg, etc. A promising tennis player. School Certificate Standard.