Trinidad Holds Mexican Eleven To Soccer Draw

John Townsley
Date Published: 
Winnipeg Free Press

SUNNY Trinidad and Tobago charmed 5,000 spectators at Winnipeg Stadium Wednesday night and pleasantly stole a draw from Mexico in the soccer tournament.

Entertained by a steel drum band that drowned out a visiting American brass-band, the players in vivid reds and greens, floated over the golden turf. Later the sun went down but tempers flashed only frequently. It was a marvellous rest for the mind in probably the best drawing event at the moment, unquestionably the most venomous.

The Trinidad goalposts dripped with good luck charms, but in the 32nd minute they turned their faces long enough to allow Mexican centre forward Manuel Lapuente to score after 'keeper Phillips failed to hold a shot from the right wing.

The Mexicans continued to attack and halfback Manuel Alevandrez went on a mad spree, crashing the ball against the bar three times. Other miraculous misses followed as the charms, continued to break up the Mexican tide an inch from success.

Trinidadians' forwards were getting poor service from their backs and handled badly what they got. Their disjointed, lionhearted team relied on the breakaway, but in the 72nd minute a surge of play into the Mexican penalty area brought the equalizer.

A Mexican defender handled a shot parried by their goalkeeper and from the spot inside right De Labastide scored.

The boys in the stands went wild, the drums beat out and even a few Mexicans managed broad grins.

How about that, man? Slaughtered Colombia 5-2 and now draw with one of the favorites. At the final whistle it was like a victory ceremony on the field.

The other favorites, Argentina are no doubt drawing up battle plans for their next encounter. In the afternoon they participated in a new low in beating Colombia 5-0 before 2,500 persons.

The Argentinians rattled in three goals in the first 11 minutes and within the next 11 minutes four players were sent off in this welterweight bout. Out, for infringements ranging from kicking to jaw-clipping went Antonio Garcia and Eduardo Soto of Argentina and Orozlo Garcia and Jose Martinez for Colombia.

Scorers in a vicious encounter were Antonio Garcia, 2, Carabon Garcia, R. Ponce and R. Vicente.

The great pity is Argentina really know how to use a ball.