Soccer Draws Culver's Applause As Mexico, Argentina Draw 2-2

John Townsley
Date Published: 
Winnipeg Free Press


In the afternoon, Colombia just folded before the power of the sunny Trinidadians. The Latins went into the dressing room at half time 2-0 up through goals by outside right Alfonso Tovar in the 34th and 43rd minutes.

But on the resumption, Trinidad took complete control with goals from Gerry Browne — 59 and 88 minutes — Kelvin Berassa, 64 minutes, and Pat Small — 79 and 80 minutes. Small was a late substitute for Alvin Corneal.

At each Trinidad goal, their keeper leapt, bounded, cartwheeled and somersaulted like a refugee from the gymnastics event while their supporters chanted in Spanish — a grievous wound — for more goals.

Both games were watched by Sir Stanley Rous, president of FIFA, the world governing body of soccer and also by American pro scouts.