BCFA Tourneys

Date Published: 
Jamaica Gleaner


DRAFT plans for the first competition to be promoted by the newly-formed British Caribbean Football Association await final approval of the member bodies of the BCFA.

Mr. Eric James, BCFA secretary, said before his departure for Port of Spain yesterday, that as soon as the plans were approved releases would be issued by him to the press in each member country, for simultaneous publication.

"These releases," Mr. James said, "will be independent of releases sent to the affiliated Associations. Any newspaper that publishes a release before the date agreed upon for simultaneous publication, will not receive any more news from BCFA headquarters."

BCFA president, Ken Galt, in answer to a query, explained that the Association would not interfere with or have any control over private soccer tours or the "passing through" any member country of a touring team, in so far as these arrangements did not affect the plans of the British Caribbean Football Association.

Mr. James said that the next meeting of the BCFA would probably be between August and September, with the venue most likely Grenada.