Tears Flow As Champs Bow

Date Published: 
Winnipeg Free Press

HOT tears cursed down the cheeks of the favored Argentinians as they walked off the pitch at Winnipeg Stadium Friday night beaten 1-0 by the dark horses, Trinidad and Tobago, and out of the playoffs.

Centre forward Berassa was the hero, scrambling home the important goal in the 51st minute.

The match was conducted in an exemplary spirit: no doubt the players were sobered by the afternoon's events at Alexander Park.

Among the 5,000 in the stands the steel drums beat out. They had done it. Beaten the soccer supremos from South America, three times Pan-Am champions.

The Argentinians, individually the most gifted team in the tournament, put the noose around their own necks as they weaved themselves time and again into a red web of Trinidad defenders.

By contrast the Trinidadians swung the ball about, moving in beautiful concert in the second half.

Scorers in the battle of Alexander Park were Pereda 2 (one penalty) and Cerda.