Sports Editor's Diary

L. D. Roberts
Date Published: 
Jamaica Gleaner


THIS HAS been a week of great deeds on and off the playing field, for West Indian sport. The most historic event, of course, was the formation of the British Caribbean Football Association on Sunday at Sabina Park and the inauguration ceremony on Tuesday night at King's House. Formation of the BCFA has established another firm link in these islands, and also provided the background for the future development of Caribbean soccer.

It is a very happy thought, particularly at this time when the delegates of the different islands are here settling the structure of the Federal Government, that the leaders of soccer in the islands have been able to come together and form a Control Board for football.

But with the formation of the BCFA now comes the real test for the imagination, enterprise and resourcefulness of its leaders for the advancement of soccer in the Caribbean. And so in congratulating the first officers of this newly-formed body one must also remind them that there is a great task ahead in which they are going to need the co-operation of all hands.

Evenso, if the start that has been made is any indication of the pattern of the policy for the future, then the success of the Board seems assured.


JAMAICA'S MINISTER of Finance, the Hon. Noel Nethersole, has made the sensible suggestion that there should be a Ministry of Sports in the Federal Government. It is a fact, as he said, that sport has played a great part in the life of the West Indian and in the federation of these islands and that it should be recognised in the political hierarchy of the future British Caribbean Federation.

Here in Jamaica work is going ahead for the establishment of a Department of Sports, and in view of the development of sport in all progressive countries it is but natural that such a Department must be an Important one in the proposed Ministries of the future British Caribbean Federation.

One sees tremendous possibilities for the establishment of such a department, and can only hope that efforts will be made to correct the omission from the proposals in the Federal Government.