39 awarded medals to mark BCFA

Date Published: 
Jamaica Gleaner

MEDALS to commemorate the founding of the British Caribbean Football Association were awarded to 39 persons by the Trinidad Football Association, at King's House on Tuesday evening last. Occasion was the inauguration ceremony to mark the BCFA's formation.

The Governor, Sir Hugh Foot, received his medal from Mr. Ken Galt, president of the British Caribbean Football and Trinidad Football Associations, and then on behalf of the TFA presented the other medals.

Here are the 39:

His Excellency the Governor, Sir Hugh Foot, Mr. Winston Meeks, Hon. D. H. Ward, Hon. Douglas Fletcher, Mr. F. X. DaCosta, Mr. W. A. Husbands, Mr. Stanley Iton, Mr. Ken Antrobus, Mr. B. A. Callender, Mr. E. A. Comissiong, Hon. F. A. Baron, Mr. Cyril Duprey, O.B.E., Mr. G. M. Da Costa, Mr. Vin Sasso, Mr. Geo. Abrahams, Mr. Dudley Soutar, Mr. H. N. Walker, Mr. Ivan Levy, Mr. Johnny Groves, Mr. L. K. Brown, Mr. Eric Morin, Mr. L. H. McLean, Mr. A. F. Rae, Mr. J. M. Lloyd, Major W. A. Thompson, Ron. A. G. Curphey, Mr. Paul Chavannes, Mr. Arthur McKenzie, Mr. Noel Hall, Mr. Dudley Smith, Mr. Arthur Belgrave, Mr. Franz Alexander, Mr. Delbert Charleau, Mr. Harry Paxton, Rev. Fr. Roy Campbell, S.J., Mr. G. Delgado, Mr. L. D. Roberts, Mr. Baz Freckleton, Mr. Roy Lawrence.