QRC Oldsters stage comeback

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INTERCOL, they say, isn't what it used to be not only because the Queen's Park Oval is an inadequate setting but also simply because there is a dearth of real talent among the present crop of college boys. True or false? Perhaps you will be able to speak with greater authority next week when QRC's Day of Sport is over.

On Sunday June 30, at the College Grounds there is a programme designed to start the arguments once more. At 10.30 a.m. there is a 30-over game between the present team and a team comprising past — 1960 ex-pupils. The old boys' team will be captained by Maple's Vernon Sadaphal and includes Sheldon Gomes, Gary Dore, Stephen Gomez and Inshan Ali. The College's five cricketers of the year will be presented with prizes during the luncheon interval and there will be a jumble sale put on by the PTA at the end of the match. The PTA will also have a well-stocked refreshment stall going.

At 4.30 p.m. the footballers will take the field. A past team including Rolph Clarke, Brian Bain, Arthur Sandy and Ellis Sadaphal will oppose the 1973 team. The past team will be captained by Roger Matthew.

The programme has been put on to raise funds for the College's tour of Lodge School, Barbados coming off in mid-July. An 18-member team will engage Lodge School in cricket, football and athletics for the Angostura Trophy which the hosts now hold. A special invitation is extended to all students, past and present, and their parents.