FA tourists swamp Trinidad 6-0

Date Published: 
Jamaica Gleaner



THE ENGLISH Football Association eleven completely outplayed the cream of Trinidad football at historic Queen's Park Oval today, where 20,000 fans saw the visitors coast home to a decisive six goals to nil victory in the first soccer match.

The crowd, the biggest ever to watch a soccer match in the British West Indies, had not anticipated such humiliation for the picked Trinidad footballers, because less than a week ago a North Trinidad side put up a capital showing against the tourists, who had to be satisfied with a one nil win.

From the happenings today, it is clear that the visitors took things easily then, but today they unleashed their full venom.

Trinidad employed the "third back" method, but these tactics looked puerile and replete with errors against the Englishmen, who also used their stopper half-back method, but with immeasurably more skill, accuracy and purpose.

The tourists were razor sharp and outplayed their opponents in every department of the game. The homesters were so hopelessly outclassed that at half-time sections of the crowd started ironically to shout that Trinidad should revert to their accustomed roving centre-half style.

At the half-way mark the Englishmen had scored four goals, coming in chronological order from the boots of Bradford, Robson, Bradford and right-winger Groves.

Robson made it five soon after lemon time, then Jezzard whose goal-scoring splurge in Bermuda and Jamaica made him a pre-match favourite with the spectators, put a scorcher past Pat Gomez for the Englishmen's half dozen.

Despite the heavy defeat, Gomez acquitted himself with distinction and could not have saved any of the goals.

The second Colony game is scheduled for Skinner Park, San Fernando, on Thursday.