Bradford Triples Again As FA Wins Final Game 7-0

Baz Freckleton
Date Published: 
Jamaica Gleaner

JFA positional play below par

FA ELEVEN ................. 7
JAMAICA ....................0

'HAT-TRICK' Bradford did it again last Monday night. The scheming Bristol Rovers inside forward tallied his usual quota of three as Jamaica, for the second time in the "300" Tercentenary soccer series, bowed out 7-0 to the touring English FA Eleven at Sabina Park.

Last Saturday night when the FA won the second match 4-2, Bradford tripled. He had scored only one in the FA's 7-0 victory on Wednesday night as the three game series against Jamaica opened in the first-ever local tournament under lights.

Seven thousand spectators saw the English team administer a paternal lesson in the finer points of the game. But not even the admitted superiority of the FA combination of professionals and amateurs could excuse Jamaica for the far-too-numerous displays of ineptitude.

Centre forward Noel Tappin, recalled by the selectors by use of a strange line of reasoning, which only they could appreciate, disrupted the Jamaica frontline beyong repair.


Only the brilliance of goalkeepers Selvyn Murphy and Kenny Williams restricted the score in its persistent effort to reach double figures. Just before the interval Murphy twisted his left arm when he fell in an attempt to intercept a high centre from outside left Johnny Hoskins.

From the start of the match the FA forwards moved into their high gear interchanging. A switch between inside left Bobby Robson and inside right Bradford left an opening just on the outskirts of the penalty area and Bradford dashing in took a low shot to the corner where Murphy deftly steered the ball from its search for a haven in the nets.

The touring team were dictating the run of play mainly through their wing halves Peter Goring and Jimmy Hill who were moving up as adjuncts when the forwards attacked.

Playing a roving game Lindy Delapenha initiated several attacking movements for Jamaica but invariably, when the ball reached centre forward Tappin, it was stifled either by the hesitancy of this forward or broken up by some ill-directed pass.

After thirteen minutes the first goal came when Bradford, soaring to meet a corner kick from outside left Johnny Hoskins, headed down the ball into the western bottom corner of the northern goal.

Urged on by this success the FA swarmed all over Jamaica and during the siege Murphy excelled himself by saving some seemingly impossible snap shots including a sizzler which inside left Bobby Robson took on the run.

Called the tune

For a brief moment Jamaica, through progressive midfield runs by centre half Henry Miller and wing halves Lloyd Scott and Cecil Chue, called the tune. On a through pass from Scott, Tappin found himself well set up a yard outside the area with the keeper unsighted.

But whilst he took a vacation to prepare himself for a net-ripping shot centre half Sid Owen raced across and shoulder-charged him off the ball as he finally decided to release the thunderbolt.

A corner was conceded on the right during a FA attack and the resultant corner kick from outside right Vic Groves reached Bradford's head just outside Murphy's reach to enter the net in thirtieth minute for the second goal.

In the fortieth minute centre forward Bedford Jezzard weaved his way through the defence and let through outside left Johnny Hoskins who made it 3-0 with a stab shot to the far corner.

Jamaica's half line continued to work hard but their efforts were unrewarded because of the slowness of their colleagues on the forward line. Chue and Henry Miller in particular were outstanding.

Half time

Two minutes before the end of the 45-minute interval, right half Jimmy Hill put the touring team ahead 4-0 with a shot in a melee. It was still 4-0 at half-time.

The second half brought no improvement for Jamaica. Very little use was made of Tappin in this period but there was an overabundance of passes to Delapenha. Naturally this crystal-clear tactic made Delapenha a closely marked player and, after a while, his pace slackened.

When Delapenha had the ball his forwards particularly outside right Dowie and left winger, Owen Parker stood transfixed to positions near the sideline and Delapenha had to indulge, in what appeared to be unnecessary manoeuvres whilst he sought an answer from the heavens to his prayers for a gift of positional sense to his forwards.

A three-way move by Robson, Jezzard and Bradford ended with Jezzard making the score 5-0 in the seventieth minute with a powerful shot high up in the corner of the net.

In another three minutes Bradford dribbled around Miller and tapped past Williams who was completely fooled by a late body swerve.


There was terrific pressure on the Jamaica goal for the next fifteen minutes and Williams made some beautiful saves from Jezzard, Bradford and Robson.

Three minutes from Bunny Barber's final whistle Bradford charted the finest single movement of the game as he slipped past defender after defender to swing a pass to outside left Hoskins, who crossed to Jezzard for a flick into the open end of the goal.

Before the match members of both teams were introduced to Col. the Hon. Aldington Curphey.

After the game there was an exchange of souvenirs. JFA president Granville daCosta thanked the FA team for their classy exhibition of soccer. English FA official J. Richards thanked the JFA for their hospitality and gifts.