FA XI beat Jamaica 7-0

Baz Freckleton
Date Published: 
Jamaica Gleaner

Jamaica was beaten 7-0 last night at Sabina Park by the touring FA XI.

Playing the first of three matches, the visitors routed the home team by superior football.

A big crowd saw the match which made double history by being the first to be played under lights and against an English Football Association side.

FA XI trounce Jamaica 7-0 in opener
Interchanging rips holes in local defence

SOCCER UNDER lights came to Jamaica for the first time last night and it came in unforgettable style. At Sabina Park in this our Tercentenary Year, and English FA team, mounting their game on an intricate pattern of interchanging, tagged 7-0 on a young and floundering Jamaica eleven.

A crowd of 10,000 in a mood of pleasant expectations were rewarded with a classy exhibition of methodical play which shoved into the background the limitations of the lighting on the oldest playing field in the Caribbean.

A touch of colour came to old Sabina as members of both teams, referees and linesmen marched around the ground to the music of the Jamaica Military Band. Shortly after players were introduced to His Excellency, the Governor.

Jamaica kicked off and within two yards of the centre spot FA inside left Bobby Robson intercepted a pass and, weaving his way through the Jamaica defence lines, let through outside left Johnny Hoskins whose powerful left footer was neatly deflected out of play by goalkeeper Kenny Williams.

Solo run

From the clearance Robson again was on the ball and dribbling in almost disdainful fashion sent unmarked right wing forward Vic Groves on a solo run but a late tackle by Karl Largie brought down Groves.

Moving all over the field like the Scarlet Pimpernel, Robson, now here, now there, was again
initiating movements and hit a long ball to Groves who was once more unmarked.

A gaping weakness on the right side of the Jamaica team invited the FA wing halves to use Groves as their distributing agent for overhead passes to inside left Robson who had now set his base temporarily a few yards behind his advancing frontline.

Jamaica's left full back Ken Hamilton was proving himself out of touch and only speedy covering off by centre half Henry Miller, playing deep, denied the touring team an earlier lead.

Further exploitation of the weakness on the right side of Jamaica's eleven rewarded the FA team with their first goal after seventeen minutes.

Leyton Orient's Vic Groves at outside right dribbled well onto the goal line and stabbed back to insdie right Geoff Bradrod of Bristol Rovers. Bradford manoeuvred just outside the area, whilst the befuddled halves and backs tied themselves into knots, and then let through Bobby Robson, standing quite lonely two yards inside the penalty area.

Robson catch-trapped the ball with his left foot, shifted it to his right and beat Kenny Williams with a looping shot which coincided with the unwelcome flash of a cameraman standing four yards from the keeper.

In the nineteenth minute outside left Hoskins dispossessed slow-moving right full-back Aubrey Lowe of the ball, cut in and set up Robson to make the score 2-0.

All over Jamaica

The English team were all over Jamaica and the intermittent efforts of some local players were dwarfed by the ornate pattern of the visiting team. After half-an-hour, visiting goalkeeper Ted Bennett had his first chance of assessing the sting of a local forward's kick when he easily handled a pint-sized shot, from Noel Tappin.

Scheming Robson figured prominently in the third goal. Through sheer persistency he gained the ball from a three-cornered tangle and moving well into the goal area, unmindful of the harmless attention of Lowe, enticed Williams out and crossed a yard outside the goal where Hamilton deflected the ball into the goal.

In the thirty fifth minute the final goal of the first half was scored. A Groves to Jezzard to Bradford triangular-movement ended with Bradford directing a bumping ball over the crouched shoulder of Kenny Williams.

Shortly after the second half started goalkeeper Kenny Williams was injured in a collision with inside right Bedford Jezzard and had to be lifted off the field in a dazed condition.

Running out to dive for a rolling ball his head came in contact with the ball just as Jezzard's foot hit it.

This unfortunate incident gave Railway's Sevyn Murphy the chance of coming on. His advent brought new life to the game as he gave one of the finest exhibitions of goal-keeping ever seen at Sabina Park.

Bur for Murphy

Bur for Murphy the score might well have been 15-0. The fifth goal of the match came in the eighty second minute when outside left Hoskins skipped over Hamilton's frail effort at interception and beat an unsighted Murphy with a ground shot going away.

In another four minutes Aubrey Lowe was blown up for handling and a penalty awarded by referee Barber, Robson took the spot-kick with power, placement and success.

A few minutes from time Hoskins tallied the final goal of this historic match in which an English FA team made their first-ever appearance in the West Indies.

Midway through the second half Lester Alcock hurt his left knee in a clash with right back Jeff Hall and had to go outside left whilst Smith came in.

Another change on the Jamaica team was Tappin moving from centre forward to outside right and skipper Delapenha coming in.

The Teams

FA TEAM: Ted Bennett (Watford) goal; Jeff Hall (Birmingham) right back; Jim Langley (Brighton) left back; Jimmy Kelly (Blackpool) right half; Sid Owen (Luton) centre half and Captain; Peter Goring (Arsenal); Vic Grove (Leyton Orient) outside right; Geoff Bradford (Bristol Rovers) inside right; Bedford Jezzard (Fulham) centre forward; Bobby Robson (Fulham) inside left and Johnny Hoskins (Southampton) outside right.

JAMAICA TEAM: Kenny Williams (Kingston) goal; Aubrey Lowe (St. George's Old Boys) right back; Ken Hamilton (UCWI) left back; Dudley Beek (Melbourne) right half; Henry Miller (Kingston) centre half; Karl Largie (St. George's Old Boys) left half; Lindy Delapenha (Middlesbrough in England) capt., and outside right; Peter Pinhorn (Kingston) inside right; Noel Tappin (Melbourne) centre forward; Lester Alcock (Montego Bay) inside left and Dudley Smith (Melbourne) outside left.